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Dead Pool Bets

Inaugural degen collection of celebrities on NFTs for the greatest pool on earth. Buy one of 100 NFTs for a chance to win at least 50x the original mint price*. Should your NFT be the first to pass in 2023, you win the pot. In the event that none of the celebrities pass, there is one wildcard that wins it all.


Ozzy Osborne

NFT #001

Bob Barker

NFT #002


NFT #003

Mel Brooks

NFT #005

Willie Nelson

NFT #007

Paul McCartney

NFT #008

Yoko Ono

NFT #009

How Does It Work?


Buy an NFT

This is a limited collection of 100 unique NFTs representing world celebrities. Each is unique and a one of one. Promo cards will also be created from the contract for promos and giveaways but will not be eligible to participate in the game.  Promo cards are marked with "PROMO."


Pool is Created

From the initial purchase amount, in crypto, generated from the NFT sales, a pool wallet will be generated and will contain no less than 50x the amount of crypto used to buy the NFT from us.  Secondary sales are not contemplated.


Winner Airdrop

Should your NFT celebrity pass from this world in 2023, and you are the first of the 100 NFTs to pass, you will be airdropped the crypto contained in the Pool Wallet within 48-hours.  As an example, If you paid 1 ETH for the NFT, you will receive no less than 50 ETH for the win. *This is based on a sell-out.


If No Celebrity Passes

One of the 100 cards will be a wildcard and will be marked as such.  It will be a celebrity that is highly unlikely to pass.  Should none of the other 99 NFTs win in 2023, the wildcard gets the pool.  This will be paid on January 2nd, 2024.


Additional Benefits

Create your own NFT

This NFT is an Alpha

Should we sell out, we will create additional product pools, including sports, and will expand to additional blockchains.  A benefit to being an alpha holder is that you get whitelisted to purchase new products.  In other words, you get to buy before anyone else.

Blockchains for
future releases.
Different pools and game types
Create your own NFT
Doxxed for safety


To ensure trust, we have doxxed ourselves to ensure that the prize pool is held and distributed appropriately. We will post on Twitter and plan to use a Telegram Announcents page to communicate with our community.  You may also send email inquiries to:

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Contract Here
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Unique 1/1 NFTs






Prize Pool = 50 x 1 NFT Mint Price




We brainstormed ideas for creating the next great NFT project.  The criteria was that it had to be simple, degen and everlasting.  Once we found what we wanted to do, we spent the time researching celebrity profiles, building the art samples and discussed probability and odds.

Phase 02

Art Production

We designed the frames and built characatures of each celebrity.  Promo cards were created of already-passed icons.  15 promo cards total.

Phase 03


Because we have such a small supply, we decided that our launch is going to happen quickly and be closer to a "stealth launch" as supposed to a full-feldged shiller campaign.  We will promote this during the month of September and all the way until mint.

Phase 04


Mint will begin very soon.  Whitelist spots will be very limited due to the size of the collection.  Once we hit 100 whitelisters, we will close it and mint.  You can only have one whitelist spot per wallet address.

Phase 05


After a sell-out, we will build an Alpha Server which will only be available to holders.  Information on future projects, whitelists, partnerships and more will be provided.  No server will be made until after a sell-out so please be aware of this to prevent scams.

Phase 06


The game begins in 2023.  Good luck to all.  If you are holding a 2023 NFT, you will be automatically whitelisted to all future projects and deadpool games.



  • What happens if it doesn't sell out?

    There are 100 items for sale.  In the unlikely event that not all 100 items are sold, we will re-configure the pot based on NFT sales.  The mint will continue to 12/31/2022.  Given the time allowed and that as each NFT sells, more fomo will sink in, it's a very unlikely scenario.

  • What happens if my celebrity passes in 2022?

    Should your NFT celebrity pass prior to the end of 2022, we will airdrop you a new celebrity NFT to take its place. The new NFT will be at our discretion and please allow up to 1 week to receive it. Should your NFT pass close to December 31st or thereabouts, we will expedite your NFT. This ensures that you have one qualifying NFT for the 2023 season.

  • Where is your Discord?

    For a collection this small, we decided that using a Telegram Announcement channel was far more efficient and easier to manage as compared to a complete Discord experience. However, once we sell-out, we will build an exclusive, members-only Discord for holders. We want this experience to be very exclusive.

  • Can we sell or buy more NFTs after a sell-out?

    Yes. We will be launching the collection on secondary markets including and not limited to Rarible and Opensea.

  • How secure is this process?

    Very. We are doxxed and will hold the pool money on a hardware (ledger) wallet. The address of the pool will be provided so it can be monitored. The ledger itself will be in a safe deposit bank storage fascility. We would not have doxxed if we didn't plan on keeping the prize money safu. *We cannot control the price of ETH. It is likely to go up, but it can also go down. Let's hope it goes up!

  • What is your contract address?

    We will post our official contract address here when minting goes live.

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